St. James park

The Royal Park

2 months and London feels home. An appartment living to a townhouse feels great. Cant wait for Spring to start gardening. The first thing I wanted to see in this city was the Tower Bridge, have loved the recital since childhood “London bridge is falling down”. London is just magnificient, old heritage buildings and the best part is all are restored so well. Hats off to the architecture.

We did a cruise trip from Tower Bridge to Westminster. Any water body in around the city makes the city alluring, be it Mumbai, Melbourne or London. Walked from Big Ben to Buckingham Palace through St James park. St James park is beautiful its surely is a royal garden. The best part of the park walk were the chipmunks.


The cute lil thing

These tiny cute creatures are so full of life, friendly and mischievous . from there we walked down to Trafalgar Square. Its the point where London meets. Could see old friends catching up, new people meet , reminded me of federation square in Melbourne. After the whole days walk the only next thing we could think was food and so we went to China town ate to hearts content. The new thing I learnt here was Yum Cha is known as Dim sum in England.

On my birthday eve Yoel took me to one of the posh 5 star seafood restaurant, J.Sheeky’s. It was just awesome be it the ambience or the food. The portions sizes were big too worth the money. Guess I had seafood for the whole year, squids, prawns and grilled fish. Somehow London is not photo friendly, you cant just click pictures anywhere and everywhere.

Next weekend went to the Natural History Museum. It was in an ancient massive Victorian building. As you enter theres a skeleton of the Dinosaur, speaking of dinosaur you can imagine the massiveness. The moment I entered the museum I felt like Ben Stiller’s counterpart and the movie “Night at the Museum” came alive. It took us 4 hours to see the whole museum. I also liked how they recreated the earthquake feel, you laugh while standing there but ever thought how nerve wrecking in reality it could be, Japan tsunami and earthquake shook me.

On Sundays we go to church “All Souls” which is right in the heart of the city, Oxford Circus. So after church its lunch and Shopping time. I love ZARA. The fit and the colors are just to die for. Seems ZARA is more colorful than United Colors of Benetton….lol…I never enjoyed ZARA so much in Melbourne and in India didn’t get a chance to check out the store. Sundays are the bus days, I love taking the bus “Double- Decker”, its takes me down the memory lane when Shalu (big bro) and I were in Bombay, used to sit in the first seat on the top and feel as if we riding the roller coaster. Same thrill runs down my spine even today.


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I am a happy person, enjoying every little thing life has bestowed upon me. There are new cooking experiences to be had everyday. I love cooking for family and friends. Sharing recipes has been something that I've always done, earlier just with friends on phone but now with the world.
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2 Responses to London…

  1. Dr.Pritam Masih Minz says:

    It’s a very good writing.
    I appreciate it.
    In fact in London the law demands that you can not change any building just
    because you don’t like it.
    But still you can find modern buildings in different places.
    This is because those places had been bombarded and destroyed during
    the Second World War.

  2. Shalom Micah Minz says:

    nice touch…very expressive…plz keep scribbling so that one day u write a book, which is my dream too…thanks a lot 🙂

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