Come Dine with Me…

I want to share some recipes which I have made for the FIRST FIRST time in my life.

I am someone who loves cooking fresh everyday. Whether I am working or not, doesn’t make a difference. I dont like cooking in bulk and storing for days. Heat n’ eat is Just NOT me. I found this huge cauliflower lying in one corner of the kitchen. I was tired of cooking the same alu-mutter-gobi (potato-peas-cauliflower) or a curry out of it.  I kept looking at it thinking what best can I do with it, something new. AND then an idea was bestowed upon me “GOBI MANCHURIAN“. I had learnt from mom how to make vegetable manchurian, which is quite a task and needs many ingredients where as this was easy pleasy. Ingredients being florets of cauliflower, cornflour, chopped onion, 3 pods of minced garlic, red chilli paste (only if you can handle spice), soy sauce, vinegar, tomato ketchup, salt and pepper to taste, square pieces of capsicum , all -purpose flour, chopped coriander/spring onion.

To prepare the florets of cauliflower

  • in a bowl make a thick paste with 3 tbsp of all purpose flour, cornflour and pinch of salt and pepper
  • coat the florets in this paste and deep fry it. Make sure the flame is on medium so that the whole florets are cooked well.
  • fry the square capsicum pieces, NOT coated with the paste
  • keep these aside

To prepare the sauce

Gobi manchurian

Easy PLeasy Gobi manchurian

  • heat oil in a pan, add the chopped onions and minced garlic
  • saute it till the onions turn transparent, add 1tbsp of chilli paste, 2tbsp of tomato ketchup (I added the maggi tomato garlic sauce)
  • fry these till it starts leaving the oil
  • add 1tbsp of soy sauce and half tbsp of vinegar
  • add 1tsp of corn starch and 1/3rd cup of water
  • cook all these for further 5 minutes, you can either use chopped spring onions or coriander leaves (I used chopped coriander leaves)
  • add the fried cauliflower florets and the fried capsicum and mix well into the sauce

This is a dry version of Gobi Manchurian. If you want gravy add more water and cornflour. The cornflour makes the sauce thick and provides crunchiness to the fried florets. Lately I have discovered I dont much like spring onions and somehow coriander replaces it quite well. Coriander being one of my fave ingredients.


Always loved Thai cuisine, be it the red/green curry or Pad Thai or satay chicken. I love the sweet-sour-spice flavors all together. Every time I wanted to cook Red Curry the recipe talked about the readymade paste. This always was a turn off, then finally I got hold of the ingredients and tried it out myself. Ingredients being coconut milk, 2 stalks of lemongrass. 1 lemon, red capsicum, tomatoes, 3 thai red chillies, thumb sized ginger ,1 onion, 5 garlic pods, sugar, 4tbsp fish sauce, 1 tbsp of soy sauce, 1tsp pan fried cumin seeds and coriander seeds, 250gm of diced chicken, coriander leaves.

  • Make a fine paste using cumin seeds, coriander seeds, garlic, ginger, onion, 2 tomatoes, 1 red capsicum, 1 stalk of lemongrass, chillies, 1tbsp sugar, fish sauce, soysauce
  • in a pan heat 2 tbsp of oil and to it add the red curry paste
  • chop and add remaining lemongrass, 2 tbsp of lemon juice
  • let all this come to boil, then add the 250gm diced chicken pieces
  • cook this for further 7 minutes
  • now add 3 tbsp of coconut milk, to make your curry creamier you can add more coconut milk.

 Kachinggggg… Red Curry Chicken is ready. Serve it white rice (preferably jasmine rice) and garnish it with coriander leaves.

Sorry but somehow we missed taking a picture of the red curry. Thanks to Yoel being patient with me and doing food photography before eating, though at times he is very hungry. So, guess thats why I dont have a picture…LOL…

I have always loved grilled and barbequed chicken. When my parents moved overseas, the best thing in the kitchen was the oven n grill. Mum used to marinate chicken in different ways and grill the chicken and we just loved it. When I moved to Melbourne I would want to grill but somehow I didnt do much grilling just few times. BINGO…my kitchen now is perfect and brand new.

It’s a small cosy L- shaped kitchen. Now that I have heaps of time and someone special to cook for, I try doing a lot more cooking. As we want to lead healthy lifestyles and our undying love for chicken,  Roasted Chicken n’vegetables is a heavenly answer. A very simple dish which just takes 20 minutes to prepare and then 1 hour to cook while you sit back and relax. The oven does it all for you. Smart dish I say.

Roasted Chicken n vegetables

A Smart meal

Ingredients being carrots, French beans, peas, parsnip, potato, capsicum (red/yellow),peas, onions, coriander seeds, black pepper, salt, chilli flakes, mint , coriander, garlic, ginger. Now it’s not important to have all the vegetables, you can pick and mix vegetables.

  • I used 3 carrots cut diagonally, French beans, squared red and yellow capsicums,2 potatoes cut , handful of peas, half onion sliced, 7 garlic pods, thumb size ginger freshly grated, 1tsp of coriander seeds, juice of one lemon, 1bay leaf.
  • I marinated the chicken with handful of chopped mint and coriander leaves, 1tbsp chilli flakes and lemon juice for 2 hours. (I used 4 leg and thigh chicken pieces)
  • In a baking dish mix all the vegetables with salt, pepper and 1 tsp of olive oil. Arrange all the vegetables making sure the big chunks of carrots and potatoes are on the side lines.
  • In the centre place the garlic pods, it’s better to roughly crush the pods and then place the marinated pieces of chicken over them.
  • Preheat the oven for 20 minutes at 180 degrees and then place the dish in the oven and relax for the next 45 minutes.
  • Check the chicken after 25 minutes and if required turn the side. The best way to know whether the chicken is fully done when you see clear liquid oozing from the chicken.
  • After 45 minutes turn off the oven and let the dish be in the oven for next 20 minutes.
  • The smell is divine.

A healthy palatable dish is ready. It’s such a good change from the rice/chapatti and curries we Indians eat.


About SharonM

I am a happy person, enjoying every little thing life has bestowed upon me. There are new cooking experiences to be had everyday. I love cooking for family and friends. Sharing recipes has been something that I've always done, earlier just with friends on phone but now with the world.
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2 Responses to Come Dine with Me…

  1. Anup shenai says:

    Classic as always. We miss you and your cooking .

  2. VG says:

    Gobi Manchurian sounds yummy and great! Will surely try it out some day and let you know…Thanks!

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