English breakfast with a hint of surprise

Eat Breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Great Quote but sadly its just the opposite in my life. No breakfast, lunch and dinner being royale. I have never been a breakfast person, I could never eat anything after waking up, there was always a rush rush from waking up to getting ready and going to school or college or work. Only after getting married and Yoel being so particular about breakfast that I got into this habit. But may be this will only last till I am home. Well now I have enough time to eat right so eating breakfast is a healthy start, though lunch has now lost its importance but dinner still remains the mightiest, the main reason being its the only meal Yoel and I have it together so all the love is bestowed on this meal. Hahaha…

In Melbourne, cafes had all day breakfast and they were just superb. One of my fave cafes being Cerone’s where I had Jean big breakfast (veg) with fresh juice. Even then the breakfast was actually brunch. Its been 8 months in London and I haven’t found a good cafe for breakfast or fresh juice. But finally found a store called Planet Organic which serves juices and yes! its the best match to the taste back in OZland. I had an awesome juicer, Rupa was the first one to buy and then all of us had one at home. My fave juice is apple carrot and orange with ginger, yummy!! A good juicer is on my shopping list.

Saturdays, Yoel makes the breakfast, toast, eggs and baked beans. One day I thought of surprising him with a full english breakfast. Toast, eggs, baked beans, grilled tomatoes, mushrooms, sausages with tea or coffee.

Breakfast- all things have to be served hot, so your timing has to be perfect. Ingredients being 2 slices of bread to be toasted. Eggs the way you like it, Yoel likes sunny side up or scrambled while I like a fully done omlette. A can of baked beans, 7-8 pieces of mushroom any kind is fine but I used the small button mushrooms cut into half. 2 sausages -herb and garlic is what I used. Chopped onion, 1tbsp cumin seeds, pepper and salt.

Get your grill ready with the sausages and tomato, while these are grilled, you can start off with the other things. The best way to do the tomatoes is by cutting them into halves. Any tomato can be used as per your choice.  I started off with making the baked beans, take some oil in a pan, add the cumin seed and let it splutter, then add the chopped onions. When then onion is almost done turning pink and transparent add the baked beans, add pepper and salt per taste, let it simmer on low flame. Now, in a small pan add half tsp of butter and add the mushrooms saute them for 3 minutes and they are done. At the same time cook your eggs. All the stuff is cooked at the same time and is hot to be served.Yoel knows me too well, he knew what I was up to. Nevertheless, he enjoyed his breakfast as ever.


About SharonM

I am a happy person, enjoying every little thing life has bestowed upon me. There are new cooking experiences to be had everyday. I love cooking for family and friends. Sharing recipes has been something that I've always done, earlier just with friends on phone but now with the world.
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